Confident and comfortable- divine- in your own skin,


a meditation

Feminine embodiment guide. Confidence coach. Writer. Lover. Alchemist. 

I help empaths and sensitive souls step in to their power and embody their highest light. 

I teach and we embody activated wellness with: self-healing, feminine ritual, sacred sexuality, natural nutrition, intentional living, and devotional self love. 

My current obsessions: Peruvian cacao elixirs, jade egg meditations, 6am breath work and prayer, fuyu persimmons, vanilla bean, and supporting you.  

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You have a purpose, You can heal, + You are so not alone.

I know its easy for you to get discouraged and confused on the path of learning what you need to thrive in your body, relationships, creations, and life.

You’ve exhausted options, and you’re close to giving up.


The newest diet trend. Weight loss and toned abs. A more loving partner.
500 sessions with a reiki healer. Sprints and burpees. Digestive enzymes.
A different body all together. 


I get it.  


Together, we’ll tap you in to the true desires and healing that your beloved Soul is crying out (like a babyyyyy) for.


Take a breath. (Really- inhale, exhale)


You’re here for a reason.

Live Your Light

Sexy Self Care

Food Body Peace

Activated wellness for the awakening
A journey through the chakras
7 weeks of self discovery + self mastery
A live virtual playground
Embodied aliveness 

A 28-day self-care journey designed to help you fall madly in love with and embody your full Self.

A self-paced journey out of yoyo dieting, binging behaviors, and body shame. 

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