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Hey, rockstar. I'm Carly. I help women step into a delicious freedom with food, a body aligned with ease, and a confidence and joy- from the inside out.

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Carly helped me see myself in a whole new light. - Rosanna Vavalle

Latest Blog Posts + Recipes

Superflow Smoothie (perfect post-workout)

The best movement session ever. Sweat, dripping. Booty workin. Feelin all gooooooood.  You get home, throw some fruit and protein powders in the blender and whizz away. Drink it up in 2-3 minutes and then…  OUCH.  You’re freezing cold. Your stomach… Continue Reading

Strawberry Ice Cream in Cacao Coconut Nests

I’m a huge (plant-based) ice cream fan. I will admit, my favorites have to be the ready-in-minutes (thank you Vitamix) variety. There was a time I even almost committed to making a full e-book of ONLY vegan ice creams. Yeah,… Continue Reading

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client"Having a course like this is game changer. Although I considered myself pretty well versed with self care rituals, even Carly managed to enlighten me with practices I wasn’t familiar with, and helped me fine tune my own. - Brooke Rosenblum"

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