Confident and comfortable- divine- in your own skin,


a meditation

I’m here to help you embody your feminine essence and become empowered magic in the world. My mission is to revolutionize the way you relate to your inner Self.

I’m interested in authentic confidence, womb wisdom, intuition, and using your addictions as a place for activation and your triggers as a place to transcend. 

I teach devotional self love, sensuality, feminine ritual, sacred sexuality, natural nutrition, and living a turned on life. 

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Your Radiance is Waiting to Radiate


“She’s got something I don’t have.” How many times have you glanced at (or lets be honest, Instagram stalked) a woman that embodies the confidence you crave? 

You’ve probably looked at other sisters as powerful, beautiful, and complete; healed. How could you ever compare to them?

Newsflash: these women, they don’t have anything that you don’t. 

Every woman is born with a tank of confidence, beauty, and light. Every woman is born as a Goddess. We’ve just learned to keep her trapped.

Trapping the Goddess creates dis-ease, judgment, and a space for magic to be closed down from the World. No more of that…

She is waiting to show face. 

When you learn to connect to your feminine essence, your power and magnetisms grows- from an authentic place. 

You start affecting rooms, living a life of pleasure, cultivating meaningful (and delicious) relationships, healing your past, and shining your light as you were meant to do.


Live Your Light

Sexy Self Care

Embody Your Essence

Activated wellness for the awakening
A journey through the chakras
7 weeks of self discovery + self mastery
A live virtual playground
Embodied aliveness 

A 28-day self-paced journey designed to teach you rituals, recipes, and mindset shifts that get you confident, joyful, and in love with your body and life. Start today. 


Work with me 1:1 to create authentic empowerment through your sensual and spiritual source. You’ll leave devoted to your body, connected to the infinite, and creating magic in the world. 

Hey,beautiful. I created a meditation to help you feel alive, radiant, grounded, comfortable, and energetically in-tune in your own skin.

Step in to your divinity and embody your own love. It's free.

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