I met him at my altar today.

His body was an activated and vibrant earth angel
with all the physical deliciousness of self-cared-for form.
Absolutely present in his core, he caressed my salty tear-ridden skin.
His heart was openly beating toward mine, without fear.
He held my pulse with vast space, and I felt him from across the room.
I could taste his admiration, presence, and complete adoration.

As he nourished my heart with the words that I only desire to hear from his lips,
“I’m here. I’m with you. I want you. I see you.
I’m not going anywhere. Its you,”
I praised him again and again.

Hands in prayer: I bow, I cry, I ecstatically release gratitude for this being.
(here with me in spirit, and arriving in physical soon.
.. soon,
.. soon,
“.. soon, darling, soon.”)

More than that though, I praised myself.
For the work, the clearing, and the manifesting
that called him in.

I praised my beautiful soul,
my beliefs, affirmations,
self-honoring, body-worship,
and mental organizations-
filed lovingly away
to align me with this masterful man.

I can smell him.
Feel him.
Taste his skin.

The alchemy of magic, in the room.
The presence of God.
The knowing of truth.

The sun moved in from the blinds,
I was in an infinite loop of white light.
We were.
And it was perfect.
And it was real.

I’ve always believed and have learned that to call in what we desire in our lives, we must become absolutely grateful now, as if it already exists.

So get moved, by the image you create in your mind.
Get real moved.
There is no limit to beauty.
You deserve what your heart knows is true.

Create it all.
Cry with gratitude at the beauty of your life,
soon to be.


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