The easiest self-growth tool you have with you all the time:

There is a tool that I continually use to grow, expand, and become a more confident me.

::: Its My Higher Self :::

Your highest self is easy to access, as she sits above you, 5-10 years from now.

It’s the self you’d love to grow into and become.

She will keep you evolving and becoming a healthier, more awake, alive, loving, and free Self- but you have to choose her.

Just as we have the option to choose to see or speak to angels, guides, and archangels… we also have the option to choose our higher self.

But as with all higher beings, they don’t come out and guide us until we consciously speak to them and bring them out.

To evolve into your higher self, you have to create a relationship to her.

Love her.
Care for her.
Move with her.

Find out what she looks like, smells like, values, eats, does for a living, thinks…

Find out what makes her tick and what makes her orgasmic juices flow…

Find out how her body likes to be touched and how her body enjoys being moved…

Find out if she runs her own business and if she does, how.

Sense her messages in your physical body.

Instead of asking what is right or wrong in any given situation, ask for what is in the most service of your highest self.

Ask her what the limitations were she has to get through to be where she is now.

Praise her.
Worship her.
Become her.

That’s what this process is all about.

It’s about you stepping in and up, and valuing who you are becoming day by day. 

Choosing her. 

Letting go of limitation. 

And rising to serve. 

See you on the brightest side, 

x Carly 



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