This is self love:

Self love isn’t about taking a bath after a long day.

It’s about truly seeing yourself.
All of you.

It’s finding the ultimate ounce of compassion + acceptance for every light or dark archetype within.

Self love is about calling yourself out when your habits are running you downhill and celebrating yourself when you’ve made a paradigm shift.

It’s going out of your way to do things a little (or a lot) different than the rest of the world: because they resonate in your heart.

Self love is practicing patience and being able to sit with uncomfortable feelings and sensations.

Its always learning from lessons and it’s never “messing up” or “falling off the bandwagon.”

Mastery of the inner and outer world.

Because if you truly loved who you were, you wouldn’t be shaming yourself for whatever situation you sit in now.
Honoring, at all times.

Self love is consciously crafting your life, and saying ta-ta to remaining a victim in your eyes.

It’s giving your gifts to the world.
Your ego wants them all to yourself.

Walking a path of courage and activating the warrior within.

Knowing divinity.
Accessing a pleasured reality.

Self love is remembering that joy is the only thing that matters.

Please don’t tell me you’re “trying.”

You can’t try to love yourself.

The only thing you can do is step in.
Fully and completely.
Without abandon.

Some days I think about how many people are walking around hating who they are. I can energetically pick up what’s flowing in and out of their heart.

And I believe that we attach entity and dis-ease on to ourselves when we do this.

We actually attract the people, places, and situations that are on the vibration of lack and self-destruction.

On the other hand, when love flows: we create an abundant, rich, healthful, and fulfilling life.

So my question to you is: why have you waited so long?

What are you afraid to lose once you fully commit?

I love you. 

But most importantly, I love me. 

So that I get to hold space for you to step in to the rose quartz flame too. 

x Carly 



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