Whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, we’re always creating.

This is the power of the feminine.

We don’t only create art and connection and movement: we create our lives. 

We’re creating our days, our lives, our futures.. one thought, one breath, one movement, and one action at a time.

Life is manifestation; its creation, its happening as we speak.

Every bite of chocolate and every sip of green juice and every hour we spend in the sauna is manifesting what comes next.

The problem is, most of us are living in victim to our lives– detached from the knowing that we are the very fluid in the equation that gets things moving in the direction we please.

We live blaming others for the way our lives look now and when we do this, we are wasting precious time. 

Now is the perfect moment to take back the steering wheel and direct your life the way you want it to go.

It’s not your families fault, your partners fault, your child’s fault.. Stop the blame. 

We have the ability to direct our world – from the inside out.

Start here. 



:: Slow Down + Detach from the World ::

So many of us are running around trying to create lives that we see on Instagram, YouTube, and the like. 

We see what looks like freedom, love, happiness, or empowerment and we say, “I want that.” 

Ever consider this? 

You have a different dharma. A different demeanor. 

Your work on the planet – your souls mission – needs a unique approach. 

Sensing that a person is happy, fulfilled, or in love with life from a photo is a lie, a projection, and never going to get you close to what you truly want. 

When we simply look at another and copy what they are doing- whether in relationship, career, business, health, food, or life- we throw ourselves way off course. 

I did this for far too long.

I’d see what another person was eating and I’d say- “Oh! That must be the right way!” The same happened in my business. 

When I was in copycat mode, nothing worked. I was miserably searching online for the perfect diet every day and my business was thriving in no way shape or form. 

Ultimately, I chose to follow my own path. I chose to pave it. 

And, bam. A conscious and creative explosion of my dream.

This is all about asking yourself what you really want and need, and letting go of the rest. Our eyes are so overwhelmed with information of others’ lives, and unknowingly we let this cloud our own.

So, take some time. Let go of what others lives look like, and get clear on what is true for you. 

I created a meditation for you, to help you start slowing down and connect with yourself. Click here to download

I highly recommend getting out into nature to listen to this so you can really let the rest of the world go for a hot sec. 


:: Love Yourself ::

Once you start slowing down and letting go of what others are doing all around, take a dive into you. Into all the places you aren’t loving, most specifically.  

It’s easy to love the happy-go-lucky you. But what about the attached inner child that wants to whine and complain? Can you love her?

See yourself for who you are.

You literally cannot create a truly epic life if you are refusing and abandoning your own heart.

To love yourself in the fullest capacity is to create the life you dream in the fullest capacity. 

It’s pretty easy to create what might seem like a dream life on the outside… but if the inside is dry, no matter what- its not worth it. 

We want the insides dripping with juice, baby. 

When you take action with the love you have for you – yep in all those dark places you try to numb away – you start aligning with the life you desire, naturally. 

I don’t want to talk about self love like its this faraway friend that you need to call upon here and there, and this most definitely is not meant to serve as a silly reminder. This is the biggest piece.  

When you bring love into the equation, you speed up the manifestation process, trifold. 

Self love is a daily commitment, and there is action to it. 

You can start here


:: Dance your Desires :: 

Dance, write, sing, paint… get creative and use your unique magic and gift to express your desire to the world. 

Get clear on a direction you want to go. 

You want to be a successful health coach? A world traveler? 

You want to cultivate a beautiful relationship and family? 

Great. Get clear on all that you desire and then (this is the most important part) believe that you deserve all which you want. 

I believe that part of the reason why we don’t create what we’re really wanting is because deep down we either don’t believe we are worthy of said thing or we don’t believe we can truly take the steps to get there. 

That’s where this meditation comes in handy. 

You must understand that the gorgeous goddess inside of you knows who she is, and that you is worthy of creating everything she wants. Health, love, biz, life. All of it. 

Use this meditation to become her, and then creatively express (via dance, art, Pinterest board…) those gorgeous desires that are yours.

What this does is it actually anchors all that you desire into the physical. If everything is just living up there in your head, it can be challenging for it to feel real. Start anchoring your desires into the physical form with a creative art. Orgasm does the trick too


:: Vibrationally Align with what you want ::

Act as if you already had it. 

What would you be doing? Where would you be going? (Obviously in the range that you can access right now.) 

When you get on to the vibration of the life you are wanting, The Universe starts aligning you to the desires that are your birthright. 

What would you be feeling if you had that dream life? Maybe you’d feel relaxed, confident, sexy, and alive. 

So, what could bring you those feelings now?

Getting out into nature, wearing lingerie, swimming in the ocean, and speaking your truth to someone you’ve been avoiding? 

Perfect. That’s it. 

The Universe hears you when you take action. 

I personally used this tool countless times when I was trying to heal my body of acne. Previously, I would barely leave the house and this made me disempowered and disconnected to my soul. 

When I asked what I would be doing and feeling in my dream life- the answer was simple. Going out would give me the confidence- not staying in with a face mask on all day long. 

I’ve also used this tool countless times in my work with women in bringing the sensual feminine and turned on side out to play.

Your vibration is actually the key to manifestation and manifesting what you are wanting. That’s why high-vibrational environments, foods, books, and audios are so powerful. 


:: Get Grateful + Open ::

I want you to cultivate gratitude every day like you already had all that you are calling in. 

A favorite way of mine to do this is to perform a visualization meditation at night before bed or first thing in the morning. 

With your eyes closed, imagine you are walking through life in your newly curated way.

Feel into all the love you have for you for bringing this new life to play and all the happiness you can feel in your newly manifested life. 

See yourself with the partner you want, or living in the place you want, with the dream career you want too. 

This is powerful stuff, my friends. 

I only practiced this visualization for 2 weeks visualizing myself in a cool and funky town with supportive sister friends before life gave me Venice, LA.

When you open your heart, relax your body, and keep opening to the infinite possibilities all around you, you’ll see it all adding up. 

There are expanded possibilities all around- that will take you on a magic carpet ride directly where you want to go. 

However, if you live in a closed-minded box of whats possible for you- you won’t be able to grab hold and fly. 

Open your eyes, open your heart, and get out of your own way. 

The flow of your beautifully manifested life is waiting. 

Feel enough, love yourself, and take vibrationally aligned action: you’ll soar. 


Cheers to your inspired, activated, and open new way of life.

It’s up to you to bring it through your imagination, and out.

Let your desires touch upon the ancient wisdom inside: you are enough.

I love you. 





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