March 20th marks the first day of Spring. Hallelujah is all I can say… 

When we tune in to the seasons and how they affect our health, our moods, and our emotional states… winter is the season of darkness.

It’s the season of going inside. Winter is the season to reflect and see our shadow… and the shadow of the world. It’s the season to stay indoors, hibernate, eat more, exercise less, and rest in the Self. 

As okay and necessary as that is, enough is enough- am I right? 

When Spring makes its way into our lives, its possible that we can be hit hard with the post-winter blues. 

Our clothes fit a little tighter, our moods are still a little low and yet we have this tenacity with the sun to rise… our bodies call for faster movement, more sweat, and the liver has just about had it with the stillness- the liver is ready to release and remove any and all toxicity that has built up. 

So, we might get hit hard; because… this is a lot to process! 

Spring is like the season that the angels are screaming, “Alright lover, you’ve had a nice little rest. Now get it together!!!!” 

We are to clean up- our bodies, our minds, our homes… and get on with it toward the highest, toward the light.

Happy Spring. I say its time for a Spring Clean. 

Gentle Spring Cleansing: Cleanse the stagnancy of winter

Doing a little cleaning up is a great idea in any season change, but the special energy of the beginning of spring makes it an ideal time for cleansing more than any other time. 

But when we think of a cleanse, we don’t have to go to water with lemon and maple syrup and call it a day. 

Personally, I used to be pretty rash with my cleansing decisions. 6 liver flushes in a row, parasite and candida flushes, colonics up the butt (literally) and it was… stressful. Which is totally not the point of a cleanse. 

We are actually wanting to cleanse toxicity and sludge from the body… but if we are adding stress in to the mix.. we’re really not doing ourselves any favor. 

Welcome to a gentle spring cleanse

For the new energy to fully come in and create an uplifted reality in our worlds, we have to remove whats been building for all of winter.

And again, that doesn’t have to mean we go in with a hand grenade and rock the inner ship off sail – we just need a little re-aligning and fine tuning, thats all. 


Feel what’s heavy 

To remove whats heavy, you’ve got to feel it and tune in to it first. There is no getting around the shadow or the pain. The feeling is the healing.

Close your eyes and ask yourself- whats really weighing on me?

This is probably going to be a huge area in which you are to release and remove in the next few steps. 



One too many vegan mac n cheese’s this winter? Eat a whole loaf of bread to stay warm? Yeah, well girlfriend lets make peace with that. What’s done is done, and I get it. 

But we really need to flush this stuff out and bring in hydration from fresh spring water, organic vegetable juices, detox and herbal teas, smoothies, and elixirs.

More liquid (even in fresh raw foods) = more flushing.


I recommend starting the day with at least 1 quart of water with a pinch of sea salt.

From there, hit the green juice and then move on to an elixir or smoothie… making primarily all of your meals high in liquid.

All of my cleansing recommendations are in Food Body Reset, which is (I love you!!!) 50% off for the next 48 hours. 

Food Body Reset

You will be re-hydrating the colon and helping the kidneys and the liver move things along.

We typically want to let go of overly cooked foods and fats, and aim for fresh and cleansing foods. The fresher the better. Time to pull out the smoothies, get sprouts on your salads, steam your veggies, and say a little goodbye to the oven for some time. 



Clean the closet. Sell or give away some old clothes. Go through your drawers. Give away some books. 

Release what is not bringing you joy.

Our outer world is simply a reflection of the mind, our inner world. So get in there and remove whats not turning you on for a peaceful reflection inside. 


Get in Nature 

When winter sets in, we naturally hibernate to our rooms and our offices and stay inside more than ever. The body heals with direct access to the ground, to the trees. 

Grounding the body – having contact with the Earth – reduces inflammation and toxicity in the body more than any structured cleanse could do. 

Now is the time to slow down your roll and get your bare feet on the ground. 



Practice Wim Hof

“Heightened oxygen levels hold a treasure trove of benefits, and the specialized breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method unearths them all: more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response to swiftly deal with pathogens.” 

I have been practicing different breathing techniques for years, and this is still one of my favorites for massive movement in the internal terrain as well as pineal decalcification and enhanced inner clarity. 

I believe its best at this time of year, especially, because of its capacity to bring movement and heat to the body. I’ll be committing to a daily practice of 5-10 rounds. 

You can learn more about Wim Hof technique, here


Intermittent Fasting with Movement 

You’ve probably heard the hype of intermittent fasting by now. 

Take 12-16 hours in-between your last meal to your first in the morning. Nothing but water or fresh pressed juice first thing. 

This is a powerful way to restart your digestive system toward ease, balance your hormones, and get your mind into a more important topic than food! 

When you do a daily ‘fast’ like this, you are less likely to need week long juice fasts and the like- since you are technically giving your organs a break every day for a set period of time. 

Combine that with movement first thing- say a yoga class, some sprints on the beach, or your favorite core crunches- you are actually getting maximum benefit. 

Your body does this thing where it starts to “eat itself” and its actually a good thing.. It ends up eating the toxic cells, the cancerous cells… Your body starts eating what is not necessary and leaving what is.

I’m personally being called to do some sprinting and strength training along with my natural yoga flow.

Of course listen to your body, but know that movement is going to help remove some of the toxic emotion resting on the inside.


A Sacral Meditation

(use a jade egg for quadruple delicious power)

1. Lie down and breathe deep belly breaths.

2. Imagine your breath as a living breathing cleansing organism, brushing through pain and darkness with a beam of light.

3. Inhale and pull up a light beam from your sacral, by clenching and pulling up on the inside of the pussy / (kegel style)

4. Bring this energy up your abdomen through your heart all the way to your third eye. Let it swirl at your third eye, cleansing and clearing anything along the way.

5. Exhale and relax. Allow the chi to circulate and collect in your sacral.

6. Do another round, and keep going for as long as you feel called.

7. Rest in the freshness of a new being.

8. Visualize what you are wanting to step into or call into your life for the next chapter. See yourself living it already. 

We are conscious creators. If we don’t take action and create, the divine inspiration will flow away.

Create your body, create your health, create your relationships, create your business… use this meditation to bring more awareness to your womb space and embody your Self so your desires are coming from a place of truth.


Add more liver-cleansing foods and herbs

Lemon. Lime. Grapefruit. 

Dandelion + Burdock Root.

Greens, and lots of them. You might be able to find fresh nettles at the farmers market. Toss those on the stove with a pinch of coconut oil and you’re golden. 

Dandy Blend. Try my dandy blend latte in the Food Body Reset e-book.

Sprouts. Fresh herbs.

Chlorella + Spirulina.

Diatomaceous Earth or another clay. It helps bind to toxins and bring them out and through. Same with chia. Yum.

Vegetable broth. Organic Miso.

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Align with the sun

Potentially the most important of all during a season change is to re-align our sleeping and eating patterns and habits with the sun.

Now is the time to wake a little earlier than the sun to meditate and pray. We have more energy to do so.

It’s also helpful to remember that the sun is setting later now, so our last meal of the day might need to be a little later than before.

The body is desperately trying to detox and cleanse the winter sludge, so make sure you try to eat your last meal before the sun goes down.

When its dark out, its a circadian rhythm sign to the body to get ready to sleep- so digestion is definitely not a top priority!

Sun gaze for sunrise or sunset time, being careful to not gaze in the middle of the day when the heat is the hottest, for some massive meditative clarity and alignment to your purpose for being. 



Sweat it Out

Workouts are a great start, but take it a step deeper if possible. Saunas, steam rooms, hot and cold showers, hot springs.

Epsom salt baths are also a great alternative, and help bring more magnesium in. Try one before bed for a deeply devoted sleep time. 

I’ll personally be going to the Korean Spa once a week to commit to this one.

The skin is one of the four major areas of detoxification, and getting in there to sweat and release takes a load off of the digestive system, the kidneys, and the lungs.


Putting it all together

Wake early to pray, meditate, and breathe before touching the phone. 

Cut dairy, meat, caffeine, eggs, alcohol, refined sugar and tobacco from the diet.

Drink herbal teas. Lemon, ginger, honey would be rad.

Avoid unconscious snacking and eat before the sun goes down.

Go to bed early.

Take a few Epsom Salt baths or sweat in a sauna.

Add more fresh foods and herbs to your day, and take your cooking to methods like steaming instead of baking and sauteeing.

Be with the Earth and the Sun.

All for the element of water. Drink it. Bathe in it. Be around it.

And as always, let go of whats not serving you in your life.

I recommend taking a journal to a quiet space in nature, doing some breath work or meditation to get clear, and then asking what needs to come for you in this next chapter and what needs to be removed so you can fully step in.

Cheers to listening to the body and allowing some built up inflammation and stagnancy to subside.

Like I said its not always easy to see and allow ourselves to feel the stagnancy that winter has created, but its necessary to live the full lives we envision moving forward. 

Doing this with you.

All my love,




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