Ancient Feminine Secrets with the Jade Egg:

It sounds cliche to say this beautiful little crystal egg changed my whole life. 

To say that one small crystal helped me heal my acne, shift my hormonal function, feel confident in my business and around receiving money, become multi-orgasmic, fall in love with myself, and experience the depths of expanded levels of love, pleasure, and intimacy… to the rational mind it seems almost untrue… 

Which is exactly why I knew I needed to write this post. 

I truly account the Jade Egg, and specifically applying the practices in the Jade Pleasure course, to all of these claims above and more.

In this post I’m going to share with you: where the jade egg came from, how you can use one to heal and activate your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, what to do if you flatline and find yourself un-inspired about your sexual energy, and a couple of the experiences I’ve had witnessing the profound effect this gem has on my world. 

Ready to dive in? 

PS: This is the juiciest blog post of all to write… 😉 

Back in the Day with the Jade Egg

A Jade Egg, or a Yoni Egg, is an egg-shaped crystal that gets inserted into a woman’s vagina for strengthening, toning, activating, youthening, and keeping her absolutely alive. 

Using a Jade Egg to tone the vagina is an ancient Chinese, Taoist practice. Apparently the secret was kept in the Royal Palace and taught only to the queen and mistresses of the most powerful nobles.

It was believed that women who mastered the Jade Egg techniques would maintain their youthful beauty, vitality, sexuality and husbands as they matured into old age.

In China they believe that by lifting and squeezing the egg internally the Chi flow of energy also known as Kundalini energy can be released and can rise up the spine nurturing all aspects of the body and creating a sense of enlightenment and spiritual growth. 

Here and Now with an Ancient Tool

There are keys, there are codes, and there are ancient activations waiting to become yours. 

Today, the jade egg is being sold and handed out like its candy… and most women don’t know where to begin. If you’ve ordered a jade egg and used it a few times.. and then let it sit in your drawer for months on end.. you’re not alone. 

This isn’t because the jade egg doesn’t work, and its most definitely not because your body isn’t turned on or alive (more on that below)… it’s because you haven’t learned how to access your own alchemy and wisdom with the egg. 

Jade Egg Practice

Structure Breeds Freedom 

If you’ve ever taken a course or a school on some topic and then taken that wisdom and made it your own… you’ll get this. 

If you’ve ever committed to a year of yoga and then started making your own intuitive flows… you know where this is going. 

If you’ve followed recipe books for years and then started cooking and creating in the kitchen via your own taste and feel… you’re with me. 

Everyone knows what it feels like to learn a system and then make it their own. 

That is what I see as the gift and opportunity we have here.

When we allow ourselves to learn the fundamentals through another person… we then get to take these downloads and have our own personal revelations with their work.. mixed with the wisdom thats already stored within us. 

You want structure and specific practices with the jade egg or any healing mechanism first… and then you can begin to use it on your own accord. 

The Program I Recommend to EVERY Woman, Ever 

The structure of this jade egg course will radically alter, shift, change, and transform your world in the most powerful way.

I honestly don’t know where I would be today, and I definitely wouldn’t be the sexually and sensually empowered woman running my own soul biz and magnetizing everything exciting into my life, without Layla’s Jade Pleasure program.

Jade Pleasure:

Before the program started, I was experiencing a whole host of physical and emotional issues, that were cleared with following the guidance inside. 

I personally had pretty bad acne all over my face, I was in the slumps of my business and didn’t feel confident enough to spread my message or work with women, I was disconnected to my body, I was experiencing binge eating, I didn’t like my reflection in the mirror, I was hiding away and staying indoors, and I was generally pretty depressed. 

Now, I feel incredibly confident in my message for the world and in my business, I’ve healed my body of acne and ended awful binge eating, I’ve become multi-orgasmic, and I’m able to experience deeper levels of intimacy with myself and my partner. 

Here’s Whats Inside

Throughout this course, you’ll receive practices, meditations, and guidance to take you deeper within yourself.

I loved the flow of the program because each week deepens in intensity, pleasure, and application. 

Tantric goddess by the end… 

In particular, in Layla’s course, you will 

  • Discover the three core egg moves that will allow you to enhance sexual pleasure, create pelvic floor strength and experience love for the sensuality of your body.
  • Learn advanced techniques to release attachment and emotional baggage from past relationships and toxic sexual experiences. Experience a fresh, “reborn” sexuality.
  • Learn how to work with your sexual energy, breath and body to create full-body orgasmic experiences of bliss.
  • Master the ability to orgasm in many different positions and without a vibrator.
  • Discover simple egg secrets that unleash natural storehouses of energy and aliveness so you can spend more of your life in joy, doing a ridiculous happy-dance.
  • Start weight-lifting and isolating your pelvic floor muscles to keep in super-fit sexual shape while enhancing your orgasms and sensitivity by creating power and relaxation in your vagina.
  •  Learn effective and compassionate ways to release negative beliefs, fears and sexual trauma from your body.

I’m going to list my own personal transformations with the jade egg but remember: you will receive different downloads and activations with the tool because you have a unique essence that isn’t me. 

Multi-Orgasmic States of Turn On + Release 

These ancient feminine secrets that I speak of… orgasmic states. 

Not solely when making love, although this too. 

Orgasmic states in all moments of the day. Accessible. 


And this is complete freedom. 

Having the power within the body to turn itself on, whenever needed, wanted, or ready. 

Before using the jade egg, I also could not orgasm from penetration. There was basically only one way my body would receive pleasure. 

After using the egg in practice, I taught myself to become multi-orgasmic and enjoy the art of sex more than I had ever known how to do. 

(Anyone else grow up feeling-less in the yoni and despise making love? Yep, the egg can help turn that around.)

Healing Acne 

When I started Jade Pleasure years ago, I honestly joined because my hormones were out of whack and I wanted my skin to heal… as silly as that sounds.

I had tried everything before that: aloe on my skin and in my smoothies, Omega3’s, cleansing, plant medicine, meditation, all that jazz… and I was still on the search. 

I used the jade egg to heal my skin of acne. 

Not only does a pleasure practice stir up oxytocin and other hormones in the body that regulate the cycle and promote great skin… but one can practice a manifestation with the egg.. infusing it with the energy one wants to receive.. and going into practice to bring said manifestation into real life. 

For a long time, I used what I call an “orgasmic manifestation” to heal my skin of acne. 

And it worked! You get to learn how here

Halting Binge Eating

One of the other things that the jade egg helped me with was my addiction to food, and overeating. 

We all know this: any eating disorder is a direct result of body insecurity. 

What I found was that the more I explored my own body, owned my pleasure, and discovered the energy between my legs, the more I was able to effortlessly love my body. 

I believe that so many women are simply disconnected to their sexual essence, and this creates body dysmorphia and areas to judge. 

When a woman seeks to make peace with her body by exploring her pleasure, she is able to love herself as she is. 

And voila! My eating habits got the space to transform too.

Confidence, Baby!

When a woman awakens the power in her pussy, there is no stopping her. 

This is the energy that feeds into creation, creativity, and magic for the world. 

The sacral chakra gets blocked when a woman isn’t connecting to her self pleasure, and then she may find herself without the creative impulse she had in years prior. 

She may find herself doubting who she is in the world or roaming around aimless not knowing whats next. 

Connect her in to her pleasure space and that all will change. 

I personally wasn’t valuing my work in the world- and specifically my gifts as a light-worker… until… this.

Just Not in the Mood, Huh? 

Guess what? You don’t have to be.

Are you in the mood to green juice? Are you in the mood to move your body? Are you in the mood to eat well?

Sometimes, you simply aren’t. But you know the benefits… you understand the results.. and you step in to the fire of self transformation. The same is true here, and with any form of sexual intimacy and healing. 

You don’t have to be dripping wet to want to practice. 

This is about healing. This is about learning about and loving your body. This is about transformation and becoming the woman you were meant to become. 

Most people don’t know this, but its typical that a woman’s pussy doesn’t just automatically turn on and get juicy wet and inspired to get into her sexual source. 

We can turn ourselves on, and it is our responsibility to do so. Nobody will do it for you, not even the jade egg. Layla will show you some ways in how you can do that here. 

Set Some Intentions and Thrive

At times, I like to speak some intentions into the egg before I even begin, so I know what I’m working with. 

I don’t make this a rule… because sometimes its fun to just get into a practice with no intention in the world and see what shows up! 

If you do want to use a jade egg in a moment for something particular– and I mean anything– you can simply hold it in your hand and imagine that you are infusing it with whatever you are wanting. 

You might intend on healing past trauma, bringing you love and acceptance, or getting you an answer you have been trying to figure out. 

Imagine infusing the egg with all of this, and then go into one of these practices. 

Your Body is the Real Playground

The egg can be used to tone your vagina, bring clarity and healing, and enhance pleasure, absolutely. 

But at the core, its simply a tool to the vast ocean of bliss that awaits within you. 

If you want to discover more, I highly recommend diving into Jade Pleasure so you can have these downloads and embodiments for yourself. 

I love you, 

to the you that is you 

and to the you that is this sensual goddess awakening within. 



PS: Enrollment closes April 9th, so get on it! 

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