I’m sitting here in undies and a sports bra, dripping wet after a morning run.

I had to get my butt home and write this post to you, as the inspiration was emerging- ready to burst.

(And these days, I am all about following the urges. Letting the inner unwounded artist express, share, and live from inspiration only.) It’s been amazing to say the least.

I feel alive.

Like… really alive.

A few nights ago on the full moon, I told myself that this next month was just that… the month of aliveness… and because I declared it to be so.. I feel as if I’m finding more and more of the pieces of myself that got forgotten or denied.

The true identity- the star child, the wild one- unfolds in pieces and layers.

I’ve asked myself this question continuously throughout my life and I’m sure you have too…

“Who am I?”

Who is the real me?
Who do I want to show the world?

Technically, my whole work in helping women embody their essence is all about this… finding and being that person and making life flow beautifully around that shining natural inner being.

(Like the fact that I’m writing an email to you in underwear and I don’t care about being profesh because this is ME!)

I found something that I want to share with you… if you’ve been wanting to ‘figure out’ this question for yourself.

So… one of my favorite dance practices is contact improv. It’s what it sounds like. Movement… contact with another human… completely unplanned. No script. No two step. Whatever the body wants to do and however the body wants to move… it will. No music involved, either.

Something that contact improv is teaching me pertaining to “Who am I” is this….

When I shed the identity I have now,
I find what my true identity really is.

On the dance floor, I become…

Brand new.
Figuring this whole body and relating thing out for the first time.

And what I am coming to understand is that to find our true selves.. our true natures.. we must do the same.
Continuously, strip who we think we are.

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you have to be?

I am walking the beach and my mind is going back and forth “this is my essence and that is who I am and then my mind goes… drop it all.
All the convictions. All the labels. Stop it!”

And… immediately… nerves. Ah. Scary.

“If I don’t say I’m a mentor for love and if I don’t say I’m a writer .. even to myself.. will I lose all that I have built? Will I lose who I am?”

But what I find again and again is that when we have the courage to drop the image and relax into what’s present…

open our eyes and ears and hearts like we just arrived here on this earth..

we actually remember what we have been trying hard to embody all along.

When I drop who I think I need to be… I remember the magnificence that I already am.

I am magic. I am unconditional love.
I am play.
I am devotion.
I am authentic embodied truth.
I am sensuality.
I am a child.
I am space.
I am daily, brand new.

But to find out, I have to not only forget… but purposefully question what is real. 

So my dear, if you’re looking for deeper meaning in your life and to know the depths of your being… I invite you into child-like curiosity, sensual embodiment, and a continual release of who you think you need to be.

I can almost guarantee she’s going to look and feel a whole lot different than the being you’ve been taught “is right to be.”

You don’t need to put on any image of student or coach or mentor or healer or guide or doctor or nurse or success or sexy…

You are whatever you are because of your heart.

The labels might help you feel secure, but at some point… when you find yourself still questioning who you are amongst all of the outer words and appearances and website fixes… start to drop who you think you are.

Drop how you think you should eat.
Drop how you think you should move.
Drop how you think you should speak.

And let your inner being show you the truth.
Move with the current.
Trust your urges.
And fly.

You will surprise yourself with immense beauty, inspiration, and aliveness- I promise you that.

Alllllllll of my lovings,





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