I was sitting in this huge white chair in the corner of my Berkeley apartment, 2012. 

An amethyst crystal in the background, the camera sitting on top of stacks of books (since I had no idea about actually using a tripod at the time.) 

I remember it perfectly. 

Another attempt at these videos. “Come on Carly,” “Get on the camera.” “Share!” My soul knew what was up.

I have an interesting relationship to the fear of being seen. Since my freshman year of college, I’ve been blogging, making videos, and most definitely putting my opinion and writing on the internet for all to see. 

Although it looks like maybe I was just born outgoing or with a desire to spread a message wide and far, thats definitely not the case. 

For as long as I can remember, being seen online seemed scary and brought up a bunch of emotions, never-mind my subconscious going crazy with thoughts such as “Will they like me?” and “Did I do a good enough job?” 

Some of you have this fear of being seen online.. and you let it stop you completely. You don’t share at all. 

Even though that was not the case for me, I believe we ALL have a fear of being seen- to various degrees. 

My personal next level of letting go of this fear = more YouTube time. (I’m great on Instagram stories and Facebook live, so this is my next step.) 

I’ve learned tons of lessons along the way- to get to a place now where I feel absolutely comfortable in front of a camera and with sharing my message online, so I want to teach you now what I know. 

In this video, I teach you 3 ways to get over the fear of being seen online. 

Hop in!


The other thing that was left out of this video that helps with the fear of being seen is… creating an actual business! 

Just flopping some information online may be cool for some… but personally, until I knew the direction of my business and started to generate income by attracting clients from video format… I was always blocked. 

When the information was flowing out of me extensively but I wasn’t receiving anything in return… I burnt out. 

Don’t over look that piece. 

Everything that you do, sells- or not. 




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