Feeling amazing from the inside out has nothing to do with depriving your body or soul of the most sensual experience in the world.
(We're all about upgrades, here.)
Counting calories, aiming for perfect macronutrients, and obsessing over your organic food will never create the health you seek. 
Eating mineral and nutrient-dense food and superfoods with love and respect however, will. 
Aiming for pleasure and nutrition, with a little intuition involved in the game. 
When you fill up on vibrant plant food first, the habits that no longer serve effortlessly fall away. 
You create vibrancy in your body and life. 
Here's what you'll explore in this bundle adventure: 
  • How to cleanse, clear, and hydrate the body toward health without dieting
  • Over 35 Smoothie, Ice-Cream, + Acai Bowl Recipes that are satiating and complete meals
  • The art of medicinal tonic making: 14 recipes for hormonal balance and digestive bliss 
  • Creating your favorite recipes like chocolate chip ice cream and hot chocolate with medicinal herbs and superfoods that support your body's health
  • The magic of Intermittent Fasting + how to approach it correctly as a woman
  • Sample vegan + paleo meal plans with your new recipes
  • A guide to using Superfoods + Superherbs daily + a buying guide 
  • Opening and supporting the body through optimal nutrition + hydration so that fatigue, low energy, bloating, and brain fog are a thing of the past. 
  • ... and as always, there is a ton of a lot more
  • All recipes are paleo-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, and dairy-free... and delicious.

Hi beautiful (yes, you

Do you know what happens when you work and play WITH your body? 

When you stop trying to fix her and instead aim to provide the space for health to show up? 

When you acknowledge and make peace with your perceived flaws? 

Do you know what happens when you accept and nourish yourself, with no restriction?

Do you know what happens when you let go of needing to eat or look a certain way? 


That's right. They happen right now. 

I created this bundle for you so that you can love your body up with some high-vibrational, plant-based, superfood and micronutrient-dense foods that leave you feeling nothing but good. 

Severe restriction and deprivation only led to binging in times past. 

Let's cut to the chase, and learn how to nourish your body with high quality foods - and no guilt. 

You've got my love, 



WARNING: When you implement these rituals and recipes your doubt, shame, guilt, fear, and judgement shall disappear! 
It took me years to understand this simple rule: food is not out to get me. It's not out to get you, either. 
It's here to support you, guide you, nourish you, and help you reach your highest potential. 
Food is your friend. 
And your body is on your side. 
"Yes! Restriction-free recipes that taste and feel out of this world."

Amanda Gyuran
Eating Psychology Coach + Pilates Instructor 
Creator of The Liberated Movement Method
"The only recipes on the web that compare to my own!"

Sophie Jaffe 
Creator of Philosophie Superfoods
"Stunning, delicious, and absolutely mind-altering...in the finest way."

Ronnie Landis
Health + Life Transformation Coach
Creator of The Tonic Herbal Mastery Program
I've got A's to your Q's
Are the recipes gluten-free and vegan friendly?
All recipes are 100% gluten-free. Most recipes are 100% vegan, however some tonic recipes include ghee, clarified butter. Either simply take this out (the recipes will still work just fine) or replace with coconut oil. 
Is this a cleanse?
Nope. It's simply a chance for you to let go of quick fixes and learn how to enjoy diet-free real food without the deprivation. 
Recipes, guidelines, and suggestions for a lifetime. 
I have IBS / digestive discomfort. Do the recipes suit me?
Yes. Especially the tonics. With ingredients like collagen, ghee, coconut oil, and other superfoods and herbs, you'll be working on healing your gut lining one delicious sip at a time. 
Will I get the books right away? 
Mhmm! These are all electronic e-books and they will be delivered to your inbox right after purchase. 
It is with utmost pleasure that I welcome 
you into the world of maximum nourishment.