Build a greater connection to Self, Source, Health, Purpose, and Life

Live Your Light is a unique program especially for light-workers, coaches, creatives, entrepreneurs, empaths, and sensitive souls. Its a journey of activated wellness, divine self care, sacred sexuality, holistic nutrition design, feminine ritual, and intentional conscious living for the woman rising to her highest.

It's preparation in offering your deepest gifts in to the world. 

Have you ever felt like you wanted more alignment in yourself before you come out into the world and fully give your wisdom and light? LYL is for you.

It's for women who are ready to feel deeply connected to their own natural rhythm, sense of love, self-worth, and to deepen their relationship "with the flow" of life and the divine. 

Live Your Light addresses any fatigue, lapse in self-empowerment, doubt, lack of trust, or dis-ease and supports participants with anchoring the knowing... 

That you are the conscious creator of your life and it is yours to femininely and freely thrive. 

Ultimately, through this process, you will have the opportunity to fall madly in love with your Self, your life, and what you are here to create.  

You will access the full range of your potential and tap into the magic you have for the world.

What you have been taught from the world about wellness, joy, and business may not actually be serving you and could very likely be information from an old paradigm
Sticking to a perfect diet and exercise plan won't do it all. (Or fulfill your sensual soul.)

What you need is a full Self and full Consciousness approach to your unique vibrancy. 

This is it. 
I'm going to share the secret with you: 

Confidence wants you. Clarity wants you. Embodiment wants you. 

Divine self love wants you, and your highest self- she wants you too. 

Your soul is waiting for you to collide. 

But it's not going to be you telling yourself you'll just start a meditation practice tomorrow and that's it. It's going to take some deeper work. 

Your light is not going to be received by the world- you are not going to make the impact you desire to make- until you feel healthy, whole, inspired, confident, free, worthy, valuable, expressed, and vibrant within your own self. 

Trust me, I can relate!

I struggled to make my business a business (aka it was a 'side job' aka x2 it was a hobby) until I became activated from within. 

Until the rituals, recipes, and resources for my mind, body, and spirit were more actualized... and before I set out to find value, worth, and love within myself- my business was halted and honestly my life had no umph. 

I didn't know at the time that I was living in victim mode, and that my trust with the Universe and in my Self was being sabotaged. 

I had to make some big shifts. 

I am here now with a passion to show up for you and support you... so you can do the same for your own life.

When you feel complete, at ease, and fluid within your own being, you can't help but overflow your delicious energy into the world. 

That's why I created this space for you to thrive.
  • Wake up with Purpose - Know exactly why you are here on Earth at this time and what to do about it. 
  • Light Your Creative Spark - "Not in the mood" or "Not knowing where to start" never happens again. 
  • Create integrity with your Soul - No more going to sleep feeling unfulfilled and lacking the desires that are oh so real deep down inside. 
  • Make Unconditional Love a Reality - That love you feel for yourself- yeah its there full force and never shaking. That's what we're getting to. You will soon view life through rose tinted glasses of attractive love. 
  • Drop limitation and Manifest Everything you Want - That inner critic no longer holding you back from reaching your desired goal. I will teach you how to literally create the life of your dreams. 
  • Connect to your Femininity - And let that drive your life. This means your sensuality, your pleasure centers, and your sacred and divine goddess-esque self care. 
  • Feel Empowered - In your message, in your truth, in your body, and in your voice. Fear of what others think a thing of the past. 
  • Create activated wellness - feelings of alive, radiant, free, healthy, and healed - Every single day of your life. 

You are here (here, here on this page) and here on Earth for a purpose, a reason, a gift. We need you to need yourself. 

  • Doubting your Power + Giving it Away - You don't believe that you can really launch the course, or support yourself with your zone of creative genius. So you give your power away to marketing gimmicks, men, and jobs that don't feel GOOD on you. 
  • Hiding Under Excuses that keep you Small - You're too young, you're too old, you're not strong enough, you aren't organized enough, you aren't healed enough, you aren't healthy enough, you aren't wise enough. You'll convince yourself of anything before you actually go out and do the work you came here to do. 
  • Unfulfilled in all Areas of Life - Because you aren't fully living your souls dharma, everything else starts feeling bland and dry. Your sex life, your self-pleasure life, your ability to craft beautiful meals in the kitchen... everything just feels a little lack-luster. You're a positive kinda gal so you don't know what's gotten into you... 
  • Lethargic and Lacking Energy - No matter how clean you eat or how dirty you get your exercise feet. 
  • Judgmental with your Body + Self - You hold yourself back from being the positive force in the world you want to be because the way you feel in your body makes you believe you're not good enough. 5 more bootcamp commitments until you can be there.. 
  • Out of Tune with your Internal Rhythm - Tired some days, energetic others, and not quite sure how to flow with your inner cycles, menstruation, emotion, digestion, and all. 
this is why...
This 7-week intensive is an activated wellness journey, where we combine multi-dimensional mindset makeover, feminine ritual, meditation, worthiness and purpose work, holistic nutrition design, sacred self care, expanded levels of sensuality, and soul alignment to help you fully express yourself as the creative, empowered, and confident woman you want to be. 

- Let go of deep buried limiting Beliefs that have programmed you since birth
- Take on a powerful "I AM" attitude and change the way you see yourself
- Create a safe container to be you 
- Dive into worthiness work so you can feel like the valuable creator you are 
- Get absolutely clear on your souls dharma and mission
- Learn my process for finding your core values and how to stick to them every day
- Ground your energy + connect to Mother Earth 
 - Learn how to anchor intentions into your body 
 - Understand and start supporting your adrenals with food, supplements, herbs, sleep ritual, and grounding techniques. 

- Finally own your desires + download manifestation tools that activate your your mission in the world
- Learn how to move and expand your sexual energy to move your light 
- Understand my special orgasmic manifestation technique 
- Master your menstruation + create ritual for your flow 
- Awaken the divine feminine inside you at all times
- Become turned on to your body and life 
- Learn how to access your creative genius through your feminine form
- Learn the necessities for the kind of confidence you seek 
- Support your hormones, balance your blood sugar, + regulate your cycle 

- Firmly stand in your power and discover how powerful you really are
- Discover the beautiful reality of Act as If and what it can do in your life
- Build the fire in your digestive system + amp up your metabolic power
- Learn exactly what and HOW to eat for absolute energy and clarity
- Detox fat phobia + the body story holding you back 
- Get the digestive support you need to flow 
- Remove toxic nutrition paradigms and step into an easy flow with food
- Embody true love, unconditional love, for your physical form

- Learn how to live life through unconditional love
- Become service based: learn how to share your gifts with the world on the regular with no fear
- Discover what it means to be 'already healed'
- Understand how to consciously receive energy and light from the Universe 
- Develop a solid practice to open your heart and allow your emotions to flow so that emotional eating doesn't become the enemy 
- Learn my breast massage technique to open your heart
- Learn the manifestation system that actually works
- Build a strong connection to forgiveness and prayer

- Come out and speak into the world with your sacred medicine 
- Detoxify harmful communication patterns and learn how to communicate with integrity and support to those around you 
- Learn a system for writing and sharing that provides you as the expert 
- Develop authenticity in your voice and vulnerability in your shares
- Speak your hearts desires with clarity and grace
- Learn tools and practices that open and clear the throat chakra 

- Tap into your intuition and learn how to trust yourself on deeper levels that ever before
- Create a sacred morning ritual that has you Seeing the Truth, turning yourself on, and creating success in all areas of your life
- Learn kinesiology tricks that will help you in challenging times
- Get pineal gland support: we need to detoxify this area to be the fully intuitive beings we can be. You will receive guidelines on the most well-tested and activated supplements and protocols to clear this space
- Finally use your body wisdom in ways you haven't accessed before 
- Create an ultimate connection to Source: asking for guidance, looking for clues, and getting downloads from the Universe that help you thrive

- The week of integration + activation 
- We will be putting all our work into place so you can move forward in a grounded way
- Learn how to set up your day to succeed, for the rest of your year
- Understand how you can become the healer of your own life
- Be your highest self, without falling into dark holes
- Learn how to live turned on, activated, alive, and excited every day of your life

Here's a breakdown of what you get inside Live Your Light: 
Activated Wellness Academy for the woman Rising to her Highest

Weekly interactive video lesson with Carly

Always recorded, but I expect you to be live.

Weekly Q+A call with Carly 

Results are what I care about for you. Come with questions to succeed. 

A community of light-workers to support you

Accountability, coaching, and guidance in our private Facebook community.

A new meditation + energy healing practice each week

Specifically in support to the chakra or energy system we are working with. 

8 workbooks, making transformation real

It's not real unless its on paper, right? 

Step-by-step Daily Guidelines

Specific outlines for your morning and night that make living your light easy and fun.


($44 value)

My optimal-living plant-based recipe books to energize your journey

($149 value)

Continued 1:1 Support After the 7-Weeks is Complete 

Most programs leave you hanging at the end. 

Not this one. 

I will be gifting you a 30-minute dialed-in progress and direction call to make sure all of the clearing, energy-work, and actionable light-living-resources are moving in the right direction for you. 

($249 value)

A personalized, distant, Energy-Healing

I will alchemize a combination of reiki, chi gong, energy clearing, intuition, prayer, toning, and calling upon our guides to cleanse and clear your body and Soul.

You'll feel it. 



"Live Your Light" is perfect for anyone who is struggling to step into their personal power and live their soul's mission. No matter where you are along the journey, "Live Your Light" will break down what has kept you small, so that you can rise up and be the light. Having connected to my true essence and released old limiting beliefs with Carly's genius guidance, I feel calmer, more grounded, and I have a confidence and belief in myself far greater than ever before."

- Leah Markowitz

Live Your Light brought awareness to limiting beliefs through my chakra centers that have been preventing me from living my full authenticity. This work is slow and complex but more important, necessary and beautiful. Live Your Light gave me the exact questions and guidance I needed to finally begin to be and love my true self.

- Jessica Stopard, Holistic Nutritionist

  • You sign up
  • You join our private community + download all of your materials
  • February 12th is our week to begin. 
  • We'll have a 2-hour live video call on Tuesdays, and a 1-hour live phone call for Q+A on Thursdays
  • Each weeks material builds on the next.
  • You will be interacting, learning, participating, and fully taking action in your life with practices, tools and lifestyle shifts. 
  • By the end of the 7 weeks, you'll feel fully alive, awake, activated, and like your most wonderful High Self. Yeah, I can't wait to see that. 


I believe that you came to this planet with a purpose. 
I believe that you are talented, highly intuitive, and ready to shine bright. 

I also know how challenging it feels to do so or even believe that you can when things aren't aligning in your body and life. 
Your health doesn't feel just right, your relationships, your manifestations, and your internal sense of Self. So you give up.

Thats why I created this process for you. 
Because I've been there and I know, time and time again, there is another way. 

You can rise. 
You can be bright and sensitive and sexual and compassionate and healthy and fun and service-based and successful all at the same time.

The time is now. 
There is no other way. 

I see you. 
I feel you. 

The world needs you. 

Fill your cup up, and your hands will glide effortlessly to the life, creation, or business that you know in your heart is true. 
My intention is that joining this activation and ascension process is in 100% alignment for you. 
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