a self-pleasure breast-massage intensive for women 
the ultimate solution to quiet your inner bully + dismantle portals closed to the ecstasy that you are
If you want a life that lives and breathes 
devotional pleasure + erotic ease...
then you're in the right place.
Look down. 

See your heart?

It's right there. Waiting for acknowledgement, touch, feeling, love. 

Your heart links vision to embodiment. 
Healing to already healed.
Conditional to Unconditional love.
Ideas to reality.
Mission to mastery. 
Sovereignty to union. 
Peek pleasure to waves of endless ecstasy.

Your heart links you to the beloved inside yourself. 

And your breasts are the home for your heart.

The problem with that? 

Most of us are lucky if we get a good two minute breast massage in,
maybe even unintentionally
and it usually comes from a lover- not ourselves- 
and they usually don't know what they be doin up in there! 

We get our back massaged, our feet, our head, our legs, our shoulders, 
we even know to massage the yoni
but we don't dive in and uncover the magic surrounding the heart.

Breast massage is a doorway into rapture, pleasure, healing, emotional release, and opening the vessel so wide open so that she can experience orgasm, life, and love with fluidity and peace.

Losing libido by the day
And you're starting to lose sexual interest. Mentally, you want to engage. Physically, you're like "yeah.... nope." 
Disconnected to your body
You might go to your yoga class in the morning but your body is missing a self-pleasure practice that connects you to intense self love.
Feeling a lack of confidence for who you are
You've read all the self-love books and blogs but you're stuck. 2018 is your time to get rid of the remaining pieces of self-pity and expand into your greatness.
Stuck in a shitty job/relationship + you want to get out
However you continuously question what's real and what you really want. How can you trust your internal guidance system? Where do you go from here?
Experiencing a health crisis
Low energy, lack of motivation, digestive pain... 
You've already tried veganizing your life + you've been on every damn cleanse.
Feeling needy in your relationship
Nothing seems to please you fully these days... and you're seeking externally from your partner for satisfaction.
Highly emotional, without a means of expression
You feel a bunch of 'sticky' energy within your chest... you let it out in your journal from time to time... but you want to take it deeper. 
Desiring a connection to your higher self
...she wants you home, too.
If you're over there nodding your head wondering when its all gunna end, I feel you.

I'm not going to give you a "one-stop-shop-take-this-pill-you're-done ordeal..."
but I will tell you how pleasure, and breast massage in particular, 
changed the game for me for all of the above and more.
but first, I want you to imagine...
  •  Feeling open, radiant, feminine, and excited to shine your confident light all ova the world.
  •  Ripples of pleasure moving throughout your body by the second... and how that affects your relationships and partnerships like woah.
  •  Higher-self living, where you're connected to your intuition and at peace with every decision you make.
  •  Experiencing radical levels of self-healing on the regular, and letting go of the endless worry about 'getting it right' with your health
Hi, I'm Ashae 

+ I want to share with you
how your own two hands + a lil 20 min boob lovin
can make you feel ridiculously comfortable in your own skin and turned on to your body + erotic light.

I know you're thinking to yourself... "Hmmm.. I'm intrigued... but why breast massage?" I felt the same way. 

So... the idea of breast massage was introduced to me through various sexuality teachers over the years.

I started playing with it full on... but their practices always felt forced and unnatural for my own body.. and I'd go in to practice and end up spending much more time than they recommended, coming up with my own techniques, and healing + releasing more tension and pleasure than they informed possible.

That's how this practice was birthed.

It's gotten me through various heartbreaks, its opened my vessel for long-lasting orgasmic pleasure with myself and my lovers, and its helped me accept, love, and cherish my body and self in ways that no other technique, book, or practice could do.

Breast massage has helped me heal discomfort and distention in my stomach, trust my inner being, and fully land my sovereign, confident self.

And I want all of that and more for you.

  •  Increases sexual energy by stimulating your positive sexual pole; its likely you'll find yourself deliciously turned on + ready for more pleasure afterwards
  •  Eases your menstrual flow and reduces symptoms of PMS.
  •  Deepens the connection you have to yourself.
  •  Becomes the simplest way to transform your relationship to your body. 
  •  Helps you live from your heart and remove toxic energy and baggage from the past.
  •  Releases oxytocin, the love and joy hormone
  •  Opens the lymphatic system for detoxification and enhances blood flow

the intensive: what you'll experience
7 days of intimacy, connection, healing, and ecstasy with your body + soul

a release of sexual shame + heart ache

radical love for your Self and your path 

a new-paradigm for feeling lighter in your body; one without deprivation or pain

pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure 

an open heart, ready to give and love

sistership, connection, + community

the intensive: what you'll get
The transformational breast massage video practice + daily emails to support your deepening of Self.
A Radiant Heart Activation Journal to bring your healing to real time + help you track your expansion.
SEVEN Pleasure Portal Transmission Calls that were recorded via FB LIVE with Ashae + the previous RHA crew.
Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Tribe + ability to re-join every time RHA is launched LIVE.
VIDEO/DAY 1: Unravel the Programs of Fear

VIDEO/DAY 2: Remove Body Shame + Physical Pain

VIDEO/DAY 3: Making love to your aloneness

VIDEO/DAY 4: EMOTIONS (all that needs to be said 😉)

VIDEO/DAY 5: Gettin you SENSUAL! 💋🌹

VIDEO/DAY 6: Infinite possibility life! ✨

VIDEO/DAY 7: Living with an OPEN radiant Heart (aka attract everything you wish)
PLUS ++ A live q+a and coaching call with Ashae.
(Valued $333)

5 MP3 AUDIOS (over 5 hours of) content on :

Using your Triggers for Transformation
Unraveling the Unloved Self
Transforming Pain to Power
How to Live as your Goddess Self
Feeling as your Superpower 

from my previous program, Live Your Light



I am Safe
I am Sensual
I am Sacred

for balancing your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras

NOELLE KOVARY; Ayurvedic Practitioner

" I feel like I dropped 5 pounds of emotional trauma... it just lifted and floated away like it never had plans to stay. I am starting to finally feel "at home" in my body."
JAMIE MENDELL; Lifestyle Coach
"As someone who teaches Self-Care, I am always looking for new and deeper ways to take care of myself, and I look to Ashae to help me expand my horizons. Learning breast massage was such a beautiful way for me to connect to that part of my body - honestly, a part of my body I so often neglect and don't pay enough attention to. Taking care of myself like that helps me feel more empowered, sexy, and connected to myself. I loved participating in this program and would recommend it to any woman looking to connect to herself or her body in a new, beautiful way!"


" RHA gave me the tools to both open my heart to it's fullest capacity, while protecting it and my energy at the same time. 
It is incredibly powerful to tell the difference."

"I now have a closer connection to myself and my heart's desires. I'm able to more easily see what is in my best interest, and not something that society tells me I should be. RHA is for anyone who wants to step into their highest self.”
TIFFANY WEST; Health Coach

" After RHA... I started doing so well in my business, making self-care my #1 priority, meditating daily, exercising and moving my body more often. Mentally and spiritually I feel AMAZING."
Your ability to attune to the ecstatic nature of your body depends on your ability to let go of your mind and open your heart.

It depends on how grateful you feel towards existence for giving you this body and the experience of being alive.


It's an embodiment, waiting for you to take in. 

Radiant Heart Activation is an invitation to drop out of the mind + be safe in the body. 

It's an invitation to call yourself home. 

Once there, you're in the ripe and juicy portal for prosperity, as money + all things abundance can only come in to a field of delight and joy. 


What are the start and end dates for the course?
It's completely online so whenever you buy it, you start.

Your official Day 1 will be the day following your purchase.
Is the practice complicated?
It's one of the easiest self-care practices that you can enjoy in your life. 

You can follow along in the video for the first few days, and then its likely you'll memorize the order and flow!

Wake up in the morning and dive in to our 20-minute practice before you even get out of bed in the morning.
Yes, start your day like this with us!
Why 1 week of breast massage?
Breast massage is an easy, fast, and important sexual self-care practice that should be incorporated into every day life- to some degree.

7 days with a practice, and you're more likely to make a habit from it.

I know you can commit to 20 minutes, every day. (Plus the 4 hours of live video calls we have, too!)
What are the calls about?
Each call is a potent pleasure activation portal where we'll be going into all things self-pleasure, self-love, self-care, personal awakening, sensuality, abundance, and opening the heart.

7 hours with me you don't want to miss.
Are the calls live?
Each call has already been recorded for you.
What kind of community is included?
You get access to my private Radiant Heart Activation Facebook Group for life...

With this access, you get to join all Radiant Heart Activation courses for as long as they launch.

There are over 50 women who have been through this program and who you'll get love, support, encouragement, and growth with.
I’m afraid someone might find out that I’m doing this course—can I be guaranteed privacy?
Nobody will ever know. 

Our Facebook group is set on private, so the only people who have access are your sisters creating pleasurable love and embodiment with you.
Got some sexual shame in me. Will this be cleared?
It will absolutely start the process, and remove shame from your heart.

No need to harbor that! 

The level and depth to which you are available for the presence of your own acceptance, forgiveness, and love is the level to which you will clear.

Please. Start. Somewhere.
a note from me: 
Take back your power.

It's within your ability to love, worship, accept, heal, and cherish your whole darkness and light.

Let go of worry, judgment, and fear.

Cultivating ecstasy within your body is your instant access to a stress-free zone of delectable love.

Feel sexy. 

It's not about your new gym membership its about a daily practice: breathing it in and releasing any idea that you're not.

Re-inform your DNA.

You are the lover, the inspiration, the already healed.

Trust your source.

The intuition within will never lie, but its gotta be channeled through the heart.

Play in love.

This is your highest service to the world.

with my heart, xx
Radiant Heart Activation 2018