My highest joy is dancing in the realm of ecstatic wholeness. This is your invitation to join.


This is your invitation to move your desires and manifestations to your reality, to fully reclaim your body vessel as divine, to open to infinite love, and to become the light-leader you were made to be.
To see yourself in your light, and to up-level your ability to conduct life force throughout your Self. 
Goddess, I see you. As your journey of awakening unfolds, you are being asked to love yourself more than ever before. You are being asked to heal your wounds, your karmas, and your limitations… so you can experience the rapid unfoldment of your gifts and create a reality that serves your feminine essence and the world. 
My intention is to help you awaken to who you really are and to remind you of the empowerment that is yours.
Your Soul is not a follower, sister. But you’ve taken the back seat on your desire to be fully expressed in this world.
Your Soul is not available for a life of addiction to the drama, sister. But you’ve forgotten that the path can be joyful, pleasurable, and alive. 
Your Soul is not convinced that a life, business, or relationship without ample ecstasy, passion, and confidence to create is ideal, sister. But you’ve settled again and again. 

You are sacred.

sexy. sourced. and alive.

You are healed.

whole. wise. and enough. 


Do you choose to take a stance for who you know in your deepest heart you are here to be?

Do you choose to collapse the fear paradigm keeping you from accessing your Souls full potential?

No more covering yourself up with

And it never was.

Our work is in having you completely step out of that

and into the radiant being you came here to be.



I see you in the wholeness of who you are meant to be and who you already are. 

I hold space for the authentic version of your Soul to let loose. 

In our coaching container, you will remove all energies that are not you, learn to honor and love your sensitivity, shift overwhelm and overworking into divine feminine flow, connect with your body, your femininity, your moon cycle, and the Earth… balance your masculine and feminine, and expand into the empowered being who confidently and creatively shines an impactful light in the world. 


Embody Your Essence Mentorship

A personalized + transformational you-and-me-journey toward inner, outer, and multi-dimensional radiance.

Freedom, ease, connection to your body, sacredness in self and sex.
Experiencing incredible amounts of pleasure, fulfillment, and peace.
Exuding sensuality and connected in to your feminine form.

Healed from the false frequencies keeping you stuck and small.

Becoming your most YOU you.. authentic, raw, real… with no holding back.

Shining your wisdom and gift… and actually making a difference in the world.
That’s what I see for you.


I’ll work with you closely to help you uncover and release everything that is blocking you from being the brightest, most empowered, and joyful version of yourself.

Together we will unravel the habits and ways of thinking that keep you small and stuck.

You’ll discover sacred ways to love and care for yourself, leaving you confident in your glowing skin.

You’ll tap into your inner voice that knows how to manifest the life you truly crave.

You’ll become the activated, alive, open, and authentic woman in your heart.

Ultimately, you will step into your divine empowerment and finally feel confident and free in your own skin.


In our sessions we will uncover…

  • How to get you out of your head and into your body
  • Where and why you seek approval and how to give yourself all you need 
  • The blocks that hinder you from living a fully turned ON life
  • Practices that help bring authentic acceptance and flow to your body
  • The relationship you have to Self, Source, Sensuality, and Food : and how they intermingle and collide
  • What it means to step into your feminine power
  • Practices that protect your energy (you sensitive soul)
  • How to channel your gifts through your sensual energy
  • How to eat in your feminine and let go of self sabotage rituals around food
  • Your creative genius and how to come out in the world with all of you
  • The programming and mindset that runs the whole disempowerment game- and the new thought patterns that deconstruct and rebuild

All the while, I’ll be holding space for you, gently guiding you toward body freedom, expression, self-acceptance, profound levels of love, confidence, and aliveness from within.

In this package:

  • Transformational Coaching Sessions
  • Resources to Support your Open Aliveness
  • Fresh Practices and Tools every week to Embody the Healer Within
  • Unlimited Messaging Between Sessions

Sound good? Apply below, + let’s begin your journey. 

Due to the level of care and support provided through my Embody Your Essence Mentorship, space can be limited.

Please apply to work with me by clicking the button below. 

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